I joined the Perfectly Posh company in July 2015. I joined simply because I loved what the brand stood for and the products were amazing!

*Everything was $25 or less!

*Created with the BEST

naturally-based ingredients!

*Made in the USA

*Cruelty-free (no testing on animals)

*100% recyclable product packaging!

Once I joined, I realized what a difference it made in my life to be a part of something that tells all of us crazy busy people that it's okay to


And Pamper ourselves a little. 


I am a Silver Premier Team Leader with this amazing company and I pride myself on bringing a little sunshine and Posh into the lives of those who need to take a little time to refill their cups! 


We give YOU amazing spa-quality products at a price you can afford! We have a commitment to creating trend-forward pampering just for you! Every six months many of our products retire to bring you the most popular skin care en vogue.

Sharing Posh with your friends and family is as important as using it yourself! Give the gift of pampering to those around you. Help them remember to take 10 minutes and relax. Unwind from the day and keep their skin looking and feeling great in the process!


We are consultants for Perfectly Posh and

when you join our team you become a part

of something greater than you! We are a team who support and encourage each other in our everyday lives AND in the Posh World. 

If you are looking for a way to make your mark in the world, find something you've been missing deep inside for awhile, or need to have something that is just yours. Posh is the place for you!

And we want you on our Shining PoshStars team!

We build businesses,

we build confidence,

we build sisterhood!

We are Posh!

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