June 11, 2018

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Running Your Direct Sales Business Without Doing Parties

August 5, 2018

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2017 Top 10 Skin Care Trends

July 19, 2017

According to Google, these are the top 10 Skin Care trends for 2017. Well, guess what?! Posh is right on point! And in fact, ahead of the game!! 


Check out this article: http://www.thehut.com/blog/beauty-grooming/the-biggest-beauty-trends-of-2017-according-to-google/


It lists all of these as the top 10 trends....Well, let me show you the Posh products that fit right in line with these!!



Our Stripper detoxing body mud has been around for almost as long as Posh has! And for the last year, we've had an activated charcoal mask specifically designed for your face in our product line: Cackle Spackle



Pamper yourself with gold in a shimmering face mask that works to firm, lift and restore skin for a bright, smooth, youthful complexion. Peridot helps fight visible signs of aging while caffeine diminishes the appearance of fine lines. 


This was an exclusive product March 2017....but, I heard rumors that we might be seeing it again this fall. Only time will tell!




We have an amazing line of bath salts and effects called All Mixed Up! They will be retiring in their current smaller packet form, but they are making their way back to us in the form of another super trendy product....bath bombs (see #5!). We may also see some of these in a different size!


Even though this is a current trend, we've already....been there, done that with dead sea mud! We retired our Drop Dead Gorgeous face mask last year! LOL! But never say never! We like to reinvent our products in future catalogs topping our own products and making them bigger and better!!


These are all the rage right now! And we have just created an entire new line extension called FIZI (prounounced "Fizzy"). You can find bath bombs in many stores: Target, Bath & Body Works, LUSH. Those bombs may be a bit bigger than ours, and they might be a smidge cheaper. But, you know what you get with our FIZI Bath Bombs?...


You get a product proudly made in the USA, with the best responsibly-sourced ingredients. Ingredients that are REAL and naturally based using salt and magnesium gathered from the Great Salt Lake in Utah! As well as shea butter, oats, essential oils, and more! They are manufactured in California! And sold to you by a proud Posh consultant near you!




Cleansing and exfoliating brushes and tools are popular to use with your favorite products. Do you use a Clarisonic or similar type of facial cleansing brush??


If so, you can use our BFF exfoliating face wash or That's So Cuke Foaming Face Wash with these fun little devices. 


We will likely have a new cleanser or two available in just a few weeks during our fall catalog release.


If you'd like to see some of our awesome Summer products in use you can see this LIVE Video I posted in my VIP group at: http://www.facebook.com/groups/sunshineandposh





These masks made from clay and volcanic ash are fantastic for gently detoxing your face. You can see the results of this in our citrus scented Go West Face Mask






These masks that you apply and then peel off your skin are hugely popular, however, they are HORRIBLE for your skin! They create micro-tears in the delicate skin of your face as you remove them and peel them off. 


Here's an example of one of the videos floating around out there (Warning: contains some profanity--please skip if you'd rather not hear these words): 


We DO NOT carry anything like this because we believe you should be gentle and caring with your skin. This only causes more harm than good! 


If you are looking to remove dry dead skin cells, give our amazing Pineapple Pick Me Up mask a try! It removes the dead cells using naturally based fruit extracts! 



Not only are products created by Perfectly Posh made with naturally based ingredients, we have a long list of products that fall into the VEGAN category of products. You can see them all HERE



It seems this becomes a popular Google search every year peaking around May when the weather starts to get nicer out! When we're no longer wearing pants and we're heading into swim suit weather. Both our Hips Don't Lie (which sold out and will eventually be back in stock) and our exclusive May product ALL ABOUT THAT BLUR contained ingredients like caffeine to help break down cellulite and smooth out and tighten the appearance of your legs, arms, etc!  



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