June 11, 2018

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Running Your Direct Sales Business Without Doing Parties

August 5, 2018

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Back to School!

September 1, 2017

Either your kids are already off to class or they will be in a few short days. You did it! You survived the summer!


And if you don't have kids, that's ok. Your house likely stayed clean. And you didn't spend $200 on school supplies in July. LOL! Or wasted HOURS back to school shopping with your daughter only to come home with two pairs of jeans.


Don't get me wrong. I LOVE my children! I do! They are mostly adorable! They are uber smart in their own creative ways. And they are generally great little human beings. BUT. I work from home. My husband works from home. And for the summer, all three kids are home. It's just a bit too much "togetherness". It's ok to not be around each other 24/7! Really! I love you, but stay out of my personal bubble space! LOL!


So come Tuesday, I'll be rejoicing. I'll be reveling in the quiet of my house for a glorious 6 hours. I might even take a bath. During the day. For an hour! This face is in need of some serious TLC! [looks around frantically] Where's my Pearlfectionist mask?? I gotta bring back the sparkle! And bring on all the FiZI bath bombs!


On the flip side, if you are sad to see summer end and will miss the kids while thy are at school, you deserve some pampering too! Grab the Pineapple Pick Me Up and the Daze A Vous! You got this! And they'll be getting off the bus before you know it!


We got this! We can do this! Welcome to another school year! We will all survive! :-) 



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