June 11, 2018

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Running Your Direct Sales Business Without Doing Parties

August 5, 2018

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What's Your Origin Story?

September 2, 2017

I don't collect comic books, and was never into superheroes as a kid. Though, I LOVED learning about Greek Mythology! But as an adult, I've come to really enjoy watching superhero movies/tv shows (Wonder Woman, Spiderman, The Flash, Supergirl). Often times, Superheroes are ordinary people who are put into a situation, and they all of sudden realize they are indeed extraordinary!


But they have to work hard and harness their awesomeness to be able to focus it where it does the most good. I believe we all have the ability to be a superhero. We all have the power within us to be amazing! You just have to discover you have it, and then work to focus your energy on being just what you're meant to be!


A little over two years ago, I did something drastic. Ok, not really drastic. Hmm....something crazy....actually no, it was kind of calculated. It was something brave! Yes, I did something BRAVE! 


Let's start at the beginning shall we. :-) Back in the day, about 20 years ago, I sat in our sorority meeting bungalow on the campus of Knox College. We were meeting with what I guess now would be called a life coach. She was leading us in learning about a healthy lifestyle. And she asked all of us to go around and say what it was we wanted to do in our life. What was our big dream?? 


My answer without even hesitating, "I want to own my own bookstore someday. I want to be my own boss!" Ok, yeah. I don't own my own bookstore. But I had an entrepreneurial spirit even back then. Heck, now that I think about this. It actually all started back in 7th grade, I was charging my friends money to make them fancy and intricate friendship bracelets. I had a chart with all the colors I had available taped to it. Brought it to school, let them pick their designs. Boom. I had my first business!


You know what else I had? The desire to help other people. In 8th grade, (so dating myself here. LOL!) The original Gulf War broke out: Operation Desert Storm. And I remember, a friend and I started a friendship bracelet making drive with members of the 8th grade class. We made red, white, and blue bracelets, collected them from students, and sent them to troops overseas so they would know we were thinking about them and proud of what they were doing for our country. We even made it onto the news. Oh my god. I thought I was going to die, I was so nervous. I think I pretty much sounded like an idiot when they interviewed me. (Thus began my video anxiety. OMG! I literally JUST realized it right now, this very second!--Seriously, it took me a good year to talk myself into doing consistent videos on my facebook pages. Anyhoo, I digress...)


Where was I? Oh yes. My entrepreneurial spirit. So, about 9 years ago, I was a mom of two small daughters and dabbled creatively in photography. Through a series of random friends and family asking me to take their photos, I decided to start a family photography business! Yep! My own business! I was my own boss! 


And it was pretty amazing! I didn't know WHAT I was doing! I'd had one photography class in college and we shot on old-school 35mm cameras and developed our photos in a darkroom with chemicals. Now, this was the Digital Age, man! I learned by taking a ka-gillion and one photos! I experimented. I read books. I looked up blogs. I studied what other family photographers were doing. And then I thought about my clients. Who could I take pictures of? I started with my cousin and her family. Then, I contacted a neighbor friend who knew EVERYONE! She referred me to sooo many other people. And they referred me to other people. And before I knew it, a year later, I had a bonafide sole proprietorship business! Registered with the State of Minnesota and everything! And I did it for 7 years before I felt like I needed something else. I LOVED the sessions I had with my families. I didn't love the editing of the photos. It was sooo monotonous. I started cutting back my business hours and starting thinking about what I would do next.


In January 2015, I was invited to a Facebook party. (My first thought was, "What is this nonsense??") But, I was curious, so I played along. Won some free product just for communicating with someone I didn't know on facebook. Hmmm....oh-kay. February rolls around, I was invited to another party. I remember thinking, "Huh, this must be like a thing right now or something. Ok, I'll bite. I'll check it out." And then I figured it out. You mean, these ladies were making money? Like real money? Sitting at home, posting on Facebook? And I was liking the product they were selling? Hmmm....could I do that too? Oh ya, you betcha! 


So I joined a company. Got my feet wet in this network marketing world. It honestly wasn't that much different than what I did when I started my photo business. Offer something to your friends, have them tell their friends about it and boom! You've got yourself a business! I learned new things! I learned that whole friend referral thing...that was called my "warm market". Who knew that was a thing with a name?!


While I learned a lot at the first company I was with, it wasn't until I was invited to another one of those facebook parties that I was introduced to Perfectly Posh! And oh my gosh, it was exactly what I needed in my life! Here, there was a company telling me that it was ok to take some time for me. A mom of three kids with learning disabilities, running in all directions, a business owner, a girl scout troop leader, a school volunteer, a softball mom. You name it, I was doing it. Oh, and just to make it all that much more fun, my husband travels a LOT for his job! Posh said, "Hey! We get you! You're crazy busy doing things for everyone else. But guess what, you can be better for all of them if you take care of you first!" WHAT?! I could be MORE like Wonder Woman if I stopped for ten minutes and had a glass of wine and cleared out my pores with an amazing face mask? And, you're telling me it uses ingredients that are good for me too?? Hot damn! Sign me up!


To be continued.....we'll get to that brave part, I promise. ;-) 

Continue to Part 2: What's Your Origin Story?


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