June 11, 2018

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Running Your Direct Sales Business Without Doing Parties

August 5, 2018

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What's Your Origin Story? Episode 2.

September 10, 2017

Super Heroes do extraordinary things in the everyday world. They often don't reach their full powers until they BELIEVE in themselves! And believe they CAN do it! Did you know, we all have it in us to be extraordinary in this ordinary world? 


It starts by taking a chance. Doing something for you! Because you believe you CAN do it! 


I told you before, I did something BRAVE in 2015. I started my own Posh business. This is a network marketing business. I feel like this sort of business has gotten a bad rep in recent years. Friends and family think "pyramid scheme" or "Whatever, you can't really make money doing that." or "Gawd, I wish she would quit posting about her business." 


But here's the thing. It's a BRAVE thing to start a network marketing business! It truly is YOUR OWN. And you have the ability to decide where you take it and what you do with it. 


Super Heroes have to train to build their powers. They have to take risks/chances to help people around them. Sometimes people don't always believe in them right away and they have to prove their place in the world. Guess what, we have to do the same thing when it comes to building a business!


Just some things to know about me before I found my business "super powers".

*I have no professional sales training.

*I was an art history major in college and have a

             background in museums.

*I knew nothing about network marketing when I joined Perfectly Posh.

*I was willing to risk $99 for the chance to believe in myself and do something new. Something for me.

*I was introverted. I LOVED having time to myself and though, I like hanging out with my friends, I didn't really seek out group activities.

*I was deathly afraid of embarrassing myself in front of others so I often just didn't say anything or wouldn't try things because of it.

*I wouldn't be caught dead on video if I could help it.

*I HATE HATE HATE talking on the phone.


We start out by ourselves. We learn and train to grasp what our products can do for others and why they would want to use them. Then we have to reach out! We have to take that step outside our circle. And put ourselves out there! And guess what! We help one person and our confidence grows. We help the next person, and we start to swoon. And finally we realize what our potential truly is! 


Two years later, here are some things to know about me:

*I thrive when faced with a new challenge.

*I don't fear failure. I learn from it.

*I can accomplish things I didn't know I could.

*I am constantly evolving and learning.

*Positivity is EVERYTHING.

*I LOVE mentoring other people! 

*I love helping others realize THEIR potential.

*I regularly do videos for my customers and team.

*And I will even tolerate VIDEO CALLS. 

*I still HATE HATE HATE to talk on the phone (we all have our Kryptonite!) LOL!


In network, marketing, we build a team of people and teach them to harness their powers and they begin to flourish and succeed. And it just keeps going! Soon, that ordinary world of ours is filled with all kinds of extraordinary Super Heroes. 


*I have traveled to Italy with 50 other amazing women.

*I have traveled to Chicago, New Orleans, and Salt Lake City. I already have plans to go to Vegas in October, San Antonio, and Nashville next year!

*I am trainer of trainers. I lead the Leaders.

*I do not fear rejection. I move on from it!


In the network marketing world, we talk about our BIG WHY a lot. WHY are you doing this? The why often evolves. Many start out just wanting to save money on products, or earn a little extra money on the side. But what it can really do is build your self-confidence, give you purpose, and bring AMAZING PEOPLE into your life! My origin story begins with me being someone who thought she could do something and my story unfolded into my pursuit of helping YOU discover what you can do! And that EVERYONE has the potential to be REMARKABLE!


The people I work (yes, work!) with everyday, work just as hard as anyone in a sales position or running their own business. We all have our own goals and work toward milestones, myself included. If I don't work, my business does not grow. There is no sitting back and doing nothing. Super Heroes are constantly honing their skills, improving, and soaring to new heights! 


So take that BRAVE step! Take a bit of a risk. See what your superpowers are. And maybe this can be the start of your ORIGIN STORY!


Read Part 1...What's Your Origin Story?



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