June 11, 2018

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Running Your Direct Sales Business Without Doing Parties

August 5, 2018

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Are you ready for Black Friday shopping yet?


​You’re all decked out in a sweater and scarf wearing those cute boots that have been sitting in your closet for months, while sipping a pumpkin spice latte and running a few errands with your best gal pals—and then it happens: a holiday display catches the corner of your eye. “Hold up!” you think, “It’s too early—I’m not ready for the holidays!”


Don’t panic; we’ve got you covered—well, maybe not with the decorating or the in-laws—but read on for 10 ways to de-stress your holiday gifting.


We’ve all been there, exchanging gifts only to find your friend spent waaaaaaaay more on you than you did on her. Nip it in the bud this year by setting gift giving guidelines including a price point you all feel comfortable with. (Hint, hint...all Posh catalog products are under $25!)

Don’t wait until it’s too close to the holidays. Having this conversation with your nearest and dearests early on in the season alleviates stress for everyone and ensures your bestie hasn’t already bought you a gift before the guidelines are set.


If you and your gal pals have been friends for-ev-er and you are flat out of ideas for gifting, consider choosing a theme. Think of ideas that appeal to the whole group. For example, you could all agree to support a local business by buying all your gifts from a particular store, buy vintage/upcycled gifts, books, wine, or PAMPERING (just another hint, NBD)!



One of the great things about receiving a gift is that it’s often an item you wouldn’t think to buy for yourself. Get creative and think of fun, whimsical, and heartfelt things your friends will enjoy like a funky cocktail ring, an entertaining coffee table book, or a succulent-filled terrarium.

If she loves all things cats, those cat toe-socks you think are hideous might just be her favorite gift this year! If you’re still stumped, Posh products are super whimsical and fun! How about The Stripper™ Detox Body Mud? Yeah, it’s called The Stripper. What girl wouldn’t want that whimsical body mud?



So many people to buy for and so few funds! If this sounds familiar, remember that great gifts don’t have to cost too much money. Consider giving your time and talents. How about hosting a Posh party with your nearest and dearests? It’s a great way to treat them to a night of pampering using your hostess-with-the-mostess skills. Reach out to a Consultant near you to learn more.



Bigger doesn’t always mean better when it comes to gifting. People often overlook the fact that friends and family are traveling for the holidays, which means they’ll have to find room in the back seat of the car or in their luggage to pack the gifts they received. If your pals and posterity are traveling this season, think TSA-friendly and easily transportable. During the dry winter months, Big Fat Yummy™ Hand Crèmes are a great way to go. Not only do they help fight dry hands in winter with yummy, naturally based ingredients, like apricot kernel oil, but they’re 3 oz., which means you can take them on the plane with you.



Regardless of the gift, always say thank you. If a friend lives out of town and sends you a package, call her to thank her or send her a handwritten note. If an acquaintance surprises you with a present and you didn’t get her one in return, just say thank you and don’t dwell on it. She gave you a gift because she wanted to show her appreciation, not to receive something in return.

And (most importantly!) if you get a gift you hate, JUST SAY THANK YOU! Go practice in the mirror putting on your most surprised, elated, gracious face and saying thank you until you’ve got an Oscar-worthy performance perfected. You can top secretlyreturn that gift later.



Ultimately, the goal of gift giving is to show your appreciation for someone with a gift they’ll love. Encourage your friends to make it easier by creating wish lists! Lots of websites let you create lists (you can create a Posh one here) and share them via email and social media. Help avoid gift giving fails by asking for what you want and encouraging everyone to do the same.



​While it may seem like a good idea to meet up at a restaurant to exchange gifts with your girls, it can put added spending pressure on the group at a time of year when money may already be tight. Plus, the quiet table for 4 you normally go to for brunch isn’t ideal for opening gifts when it’s cluttered with coffee cups, mimosas, syrup, and eggs benedict.

Instead, take turns hosting at your house. Shake up a festive cocktail and put out a tray of small bites, then enjoy all the extra room you have to spread out in front of a cozy fire (and you can shoo your spouse/kids out of the house for a couple hours). No fireplace? No problem. Check out YouTube for tons of crackling fire videos you can stream to your TV.



Whether you’ve got a big group of girlfriends or a little budget (or both), a white elephant gift exchange can be a fun and funny holiday ritual. Here’s how to play:

  1. Set a spending limit (like $25 or less) and agree if you want your gifts to be silly or sweet.

  2. Have everyone bring their wrapped gift to the party and put them in a pile.

  3. Determine a gift opening order; you can go in a circle or randomly draw numbers out of a hat.

  4. The first person picks a gift from the pile and opens it.

  5. The second person (and each person after) has the choice to “steal” an opened gift, or select a gift from the pile and open it.

  6. If your gift is stolen, you can steal from someone else (but not the person who immediately stole your gift), or pick from the unopened gift pile.

  7. Continue until everyone has a gift, at which point the first person has an option to make a final “steal.”

Note: Once a gift has been stolen twice, it can’t be stolen again.



Between kids being out of school, family in town, and company parties, finding time to get together with your girlfriends (let alone shop!) to exchange gifts can create more holiday stress. Make your own schedule and agree to do your gifting after the New Year. Better yet, skip the gifts and put that money toward a pampering day with your besties or a weekend getaway where you can all splurge on room service. Or, best yet, combine the two!

Make this the year where you finally get a jump on holiday gifting and enjoy a stress-free (or at least a less stressful) season that you and your girlfriends will all appreciate. 


Writing Credit/Originally posted at: https://www.blog.perfectlyposh.com/blog/2017/10/12/girlfriends-guide-to-gifting

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