June 11, 2018

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August 5, 2018

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Beginners Guide to Gemstone-Infused Skincare

July 16, 2018


Could centuries-old ideas actually still work today? Did Cleopatra really know what was what when it came to skin care? We might not really know. BUT. Just like so many other things in life if you believe, you could find the answer to what ails you...or at least maybe what ails your skin. The natural qualities and energy created in and by nature allow gemstone-infused skin care to take your skin to another galaxy!


Today, as our society has reached a higher level of stress on a daily basis than those living in previous post-war decades, it's no wonder we are looking at ancient remedies to bring balance and well-being back into our lives.


One place you see this trend is in skin care. Gemstones and crystals carry energy (or vibrations) within them. When they are placed on or near our body, they can affect our own energy! Because they carry these energy vibrations, they are capable of penetrating the skin at a deeper level, therefore balancing your skin AND your mood!


This guide will help you decipher the mystical qualities of nature's "jewelry" and help you decide which gems/crystals may be best for you and your skin.



* A natural exfoliator

* Helps remove toxins from the body

* Purifies the skin

* Balance skin tone

* Promotes regeneration of cells and helps prevent premature aging of the skin.



* Calms your mind and your skin

* Aids in sleep

* Use sapphire-infused products when

   you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed.



* The "sunshine stone" helps boost your 


* Promotes skin radiance and cell         


* Evens out skin tone

* Purifies 


Rose Quartz: 

* Soothes skin and calms redness

* Helps minimize the appearance of fine     lines 

* Stimulates circulation of the blood

* Slows the aging process



* Eliminates toxins and excess fluid

* Great for reducing puffiness

* Evens skin tone

* Boosts circulation

* Improves skin elasticity



* Calms redness

* Contains anti-inflammatory properties       that help prevent breakouts

* Rids the body of negative emotions

* Helps remove free radicals and toxins

* Works as a sleep aid



* Boost the energy in your body

* Restores your skin's natural glow

* Detoxifies and purifies

* Increases circulation

* Helps treat skin breakouts



* Contain antioxidants

* Detoxify your skin

* Brightens your complexion

* Helps even out skin tone



* Help promote positivity and calmness

* Great for detoxing your skin

* Repairs skin damage

* Prevents breakouts and removes excess

  oil from the skin



* Revitalizes the skin

* Helps create a radiant glow

* Promotes collagen production

* Prevents premature aging of the skin


Stay tuned to the Sunshine & Posh store on July 21, 2018 when our fall product skin care debuts!











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