June 11, 2018

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Running Your Direct Sales Business Without Doing Parties

August 5, 2018

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Running Your Direct Sales Business Without Doing Parties

August 5, 2018

When you think of a home based business, do you think of your mom or your grandma and a bunch of ladies sitting around a living room listening to a consultant talk? Do you roll your eyes when your friends post about hosting yet another online party? But then again, are you curious? Can someone actually make money running a home-based business? And can they do it without hosting “silly” parties? The answer is “Yes!” to all the questions above. You CAN make money doing direct sales. And you CAN have a successful business without doing parties. There are at least three ways to do this!


Vendor Events

The most obvious way to do direct sales without parties is to participate in vendor events in your area. These run from free to $20 to $100 to $1000. It all depends on the size of the event and who is running it. I’ve participated in events for all of these amounts and they each have their advantages and disadvantages. I’ll save that for another post topic though. LOL!


The thing with events is that you will need inventory on hand. It doesn’t need to be a lot, but you’ll want some. And events force you to step out of your comfort zone a bit. Unless talking to total strangers over and over again all day long is your thing. Then by all means, you will LOVE vendor events! I am an introverted person and was TERRIFIED when I did my first vendor event, but I did it anyway (#doitscared). And I didn’t die from it and went on to do many more events. I learned that it wasn’t so terribly bad to chat with people about the products and company that I loved. In fact, it was rather easy to do! And dare I say, fun!



Product Boxes

Subscription boxes are the newest trend in direct sales! If you can get a good following going, this can be your bread and butter and people will come back month after month! Do some research. Figure out a good price point or two. Find some adorable “extras” to add to your boxes for a reasonable price. And blast social media with amazing images of your boxes! I know one consultant that sold 48 boxes last month! And continues to grow!


Just be wary of “numbers” with this method. You want to make sure your bottom line stays in a good place. It can be easy to offer up a price for your boxes and then when it’s all said and done be over your “budget” with your product, extras, packaging and shipping. This method may also take some time to evolve, and live and learn, to get it down to a practiced science. Despite all that, Millennials LOVE sub boxes! So, think seriously about giving it a-go!


Online Selling

Now, when I say online selling, I do not mean Etsy, eBay, or Amazon. In fact, I know my company forbids this type of selling in our policies and procedures. But, depending on the rules dictated by the company you sign up with, you are completely able to sell your product from a business Facebook page, Facebook community group, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube. Embrace technology. Learn about hashtags and keywords. Take simple yet pretty photos of your products and toss them out there in the cyber world! You will find your cold market and it’s the BEST place to be! You’re not “annoying” strangers with your business like you might your friends and family. Strangers do not get sick of hearing about your products over and over again. The more defined your search terms are and the more adept you get at being a social media expert, you CAN run your business from home, on your own time, in your own way!


Is running a direct sales business with parties a thing of the past? Not really, consultants all over the world still have much success with that method. But if that’s the only thing holding you back from trying something new that you can do in the comfort of your jammies and favorite chair, trust me. You CAN do this without hosting or running any parties!


Send me a message and let’s talk about the other ways you could do this! I love coaching new consultants with outside-the-box methods! Or take a look at how I run my customer community, head over here at Time for Coffee, Wine and Sunshine!


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