June 11, 2018

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Running Your Direct Sales Business Without Doing Parties

August 5, 2018

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Why Join a Direct Sales Company like Perfectly Posh?

August 9, 2018

 This is a great question. Why should you join Perfectly Posh?? I have been with the company over three years. And I am proud to be a consultant and team leader with them. Perfectly Posh is only 7 years old this year. That’s a baby in the home-based business/direct sales world! Joining now gets you the opportunity to still be in on major growth happening within the company.


And I’ll tell you. We are doing things differently. Part of the mission at Perfectly Posh is to be innovative with how the business is run. We are constantly thinking of new ways to do the direct selling “thing” and pride ourselves on really thinking outside the box. Now, I’ll be 100% honest, because we’re still new, we have had to work through some growing pains. But what I have realized with my time at Posh, we learn from everything we do! Home Office never makes the same mistake twice. They are hiring the best people to run the best skin care company in the USA! And I’m not saying that lightly. Our products are made from the best ingredients responsibly sourced from all over the world. They are extremely affordable for the quality you receive. We manufacture the products in the US so that local economies can benefit. And we give back across the world with our You Deserve It Foundation!


What you get when you sign up with Posh:

  • INSTANT commission pay at your first rank advance! (This means someone places an order, and you are paid on that order within 3 hours!)

  • Training by top individuals in the industry

  • Incredible travel opportunities you can earn just by working your business

  • Leadership development and training

  • Product training

  • Team environment

  • Access to exclusive products


But, the real reason, you should consider joining Posh? The people. I have found the group of people I have met to be the kindest, more caring, inspiring, incredible people! We talk often about the “sisterhood” of Posh. And it’s no joke. We just had our annual conference, called “UnCon” because well, I told you we do things differently and our annual conference is anything but ordinary! From little black dresses and Tiffany’s jewelry to anything goes at our product launch

night. We have several new and amazing people on our executive team this year, including the fantastic Eddie Silcock. These new executive team members attended our UnCon 2018 in Nashville for the first time. They are veterans of the direct sales world having worked with Avon, Young Living, Rodan + Fields, Monat and Beachbody for decades! And they were blown away at what they saw at our conference. They saw people just meeting each other in person for the first time hugging and 100% comfortable with each other. They saw the confidence we all have in what we do. The authenticity and caliber of the consultants with the company. And that was just the 1200 who were present at the conference. We have a HUGE online community as well, for support, encouragement, and training.


We have something truly special at Posh. I lead a team of 200+ individuals who can tell you all the reasons why we are different and innovative. So, the question isn’t really “Why join Perfectly Posh?” The question is “Why not join Perfectly Posh?”


With our $99 starter kit, you honestly can’t lose. Even if, for whatever reason you feel that it’s just not for you (though, I dare say, you won’t decide that), you walk away with over $200 in amazing product for that price.


Message me with questions! Find me on Facebook! Don’t be shy! I absolutely LOVE coaching and mentoring my team. And I hope you decide to take a chance on us! (cue Abba music….Take a Chance, Take a Chance, Take a Chance…” (oh man, I'm totally dating myself here. LOL!) And then next on the playlist is Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ because you won’t believe the journey you’re about to have! 



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